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Cool Dad Job: Teller of Truth

Latest Cool Dad Project: Dropping RTJ4 at the exact moment the world needed it

Killer Mike stood up during the protests of the murder of George Floyd. He stood up not only for the Black community in Atlanta but to those that intended to do harm. He spoke passionately about his father being an Atlanta cop and urged protestors to stop burning down their own neighborhoods in order to burn systemic racism to the ground. The impassioned speech became one of the signature moments during the weeks that marked the renewed rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Killer Mike wasn’t advocating compromise. He was caring for his people.

That’s what Killer Mike does. Since becoming a father as a teenager, Killer Mike has been attentive to the needs of his children and the needs of his community. He has fought tirelessly for the rebuilding of the social safety net, advocated the transfer of Black peoples’ money into Black-owned banks, and supported Black gun owners. His work is an outgrowth of his conscience. (So is his rapping btw and RTJ4 slaps.)