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Cool Dad Job: Shutdown CornerLatest

Cool Dad Achievement: Bringing attitude back to LA football.

Students of America’s most popular sport know that teams used to dread traveling to Los Angeles anticipating a beatdown at the hands of the Raiders or the smashmouth Rams. To say that LA football has been softer since the Rams returned and the Chargers moved into their divorced dad single-bedroom stadium would be an understatement. Enter Ramsey, arguably the best corner in football (he’d argue it) and definitely one of the games few remaining characters. Should the 2020 season move forward, the Rams will pay big money — Ramsey is exiting a rookie contract — for a guy who talks big and plays bigger. They’ll also get a leader and family man. Ramsey is the dad of Breelyn and Brooklyn, who he stepped away from the Jaguars to spend time with last season. The man has value and values. That’s something to root for.