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Cool Dad Job: Free Agent

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Demanding accountability.

Eric Reid was the first player to kneel alongside Colin Kaepernick during the National Anthem. Unlike Kaepernick he stayed in the league — at least until March, when he was released by the Carolina Panthers. Was Reid let go because of his outspoken politics? Likely not. After a brilliant career, Reid’s on-field work was flagging. But there was always the sense that football was nothing more than Reid’s first act. Smart and uncompromising, Reid has long commanded the admiration of his teammates. Now, he commands the attention of NFL brass, who are hurriedly mea culpa-ing their way toward white hat status as Black Lives Matter protests reach their cities. Reid is the guy who isn’t going to let them get off the hook that easy. After 49ers owner Jed York announced his organization would donate $1 million (the amount he pays Ronald Blair, a defensive end you’ve never heard of) to “local and national organizations who are creating change,” Reid responded quickly. “Nobody wants your money Jed,” Reid wrote on Twitter. “We want justice. We’ve always wanted justice.”