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Cool Dad Job: Weirdo

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Taking a victory lap.

The Last Dance, the Michael Jordan documentary that expanded to fill the vacuum left by professional sports in the early days of the pandemic, didn’t just showcase the greatness of 23, it reminded the world that number TK was a dominant defensive and cultural force. Sure, the stories are excess and the Carmen Elektra cameos were fun, but here’s the thing about all that old footage of Rodman: It’s impossible not to see that he was a man before his time. So many of the gender-bending antics of Rodman presaged two decades of progress. The Worm refused to conform or judge. He embraced the queer community and told his haters what they could do. The father of three leaves a complicated but largely positive legacy. Oh, and if you haven’t heard of his daughter, Trinity, you will. She’s one of the best soccer players in America.