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The Rock Has Cardio Goals for 16-Month-Old Daughter

In addition to voicing demi-gods teaching a girls’ soccer squad how to Haka, threatening to beat Jason Statham like a Cherokee drum, and eating an unfathomable amount of cod, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems, by all accounts, to be a pretty great dad. The former wrestler recently posted a picture of himself and his one-year-old daughter Jasmine sitting outside on a step. Alongside it, he shared some goals he’s laid out his little pebble as she grows older. His plan? That she’ll be able to fish and drive a pickup by the time she’s 8 and that, by 10, she’ll be encouraging to other people’s ideas but also be confident enough to make suggestions for improvement. And, of course, because he’s The Rock, he threw in some cardio goals, too.

The goals are pretty admirable, but what else would you expect from a man as regimented as The Rock? The father of two goes big every day (especially cheat day) and finds time for his little girls even while keeping a schedule that would make a mere mortal crumble (he’s expected to star in 13 movies over the next two years). He also seems to understand one major truth of parenting: that sometimes even the best-laid plans fall on deaf ears. Because, as he noted, little Jasmine is too distracted by a passing bug to listen to her dad wax poetic about her future. But something tells us she’ll be able to smell what plans he’s cooking.