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The Next Step Toward Diversifying Your Investments

Even if you’re safely 401K-ed up, you’ve still only taken the first step toward the kind of wealth accumulation that will (hopefully) secure your retirement and (fingers crossed here) provide a college education for your kid. But if you have the ability to invest more, it will improve your long-term odds dramatically. While “I don’t want to lose it,” is a Depression-era excuse for not investing that came roaring back after the market collapse of 2008, it’s one that has never held up under scrutiny. If fear of risk is your biggest concern, then it’s time to read up on the world’s most popular investment vehicle: Bonds. If an unfamiliarity with how the market works is keeping you at bay, then it’s a good thing you have access to the greatest repository of information in history: the Internet. And if you don’t know who to trust with your money, ask your richest friend – chances are, he’s “got a guy.”