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The New Dad’s Guide to Errands

The following was produced in partnership with Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery.

Babies are born enemies of efficiency. Whenever a parent forms a plan of action, their baby instantly makes a mockery of it by crying, sleeping, or doing something so incredibly cute it compels every nearby adult to drop whatever they’re doing to capture the moment. It’s like they actively enforce Murphy’s Law — working to make sure that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

But here’s the catch: While your bundles of joy effortlessly complicate everything you attempt, it’s more critical than ever to get things done. Luckily, if parents plan ahead, use the right tools, and adopt the right frame of mind, they can accomplish everything their family needs them to do. Here are some essential hacks and tips for new dads. 

Keep Your Schedule Light and Tight

New parents need to be realistic about what they can do in a day. If you tackle too much, your kid will melt down. Whittle your to-do list down to the bone. Aim to accomplish one to two things per day — that’s up to 14 tasks a week. Now make everything on that list as efficient as possible. If you’re going to the post office, fill out all the forms you need online first. If you’re grocery shopping, use Walmart’s Grocery Pickup to save yourself the trip into the store. Walmart associates will bring your order to your car and load it for you.

Sponsored by Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery
A Busy Dad's Guide to Grocery Shopping

New dads need all the help they can get. When it comes to grocery shopping, Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery is the friend you need. After shopping on the Walmart’s Grocery app, drive to the store, park, and a Walmart associate will load your car. In select markets, you can opt to have Walmart delivery directly to your door. It’s just that easy.

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Think you can’t exercise, get your kid some fresh air, and drop off the dry cleaning at the same time? Think again. Find certain tasks that are in walking distance from your home and take the jogging stroller or go for a vigorous (weighted) walk with the carrier to there.

Let Tech Map It Out

Sometimes, the window is tight. You need to get a meal ready quick — before baby wakes up from their nap and ruins any chance of you and your wife setting the table up in peace. Luckily, technology can help. Lean on a navigation app to provide timely warnings about construction, accidents, and traffic. Then make use of your Walmart Grocery app to check in with the store so they know exactly when you are leaving and will be ready to pick up. Be sure to have a worked-out system of communication with your partner — whether texting, a third party to-do app, or a video chat check-in — to make sure you are both on the same page every step of the way.

Accept the Kindness Given to You, the Parent

When people see a dad or mom carrying a newborn in public, they usually smile. Then they usually look at the bags under your eyes and see the signs of fuss in the baby. They often will then let you in front of them in line. Accept the offer.

Have Short Tasks Ready for Naptime

When your kid falls asleep, there’s no telling how long it will last, so it’s impossible to know how to best use your time. Should you clean the house? Take your first shower in days? Try to nap yourself? One solution is to keep a list of small tasks you can start the moment your kid drops to make sure you at least accomplish something in that time. You can’t write a novel or replace your carburetor, but you can respond to texts, wash the dishes, or go grocery shopping. The Walmart Grocery app remembers your previous orders and records your purchases as favorites. Even if your baby only sleeps for a couple of minutes (it happens), you can still get everything you need in your cart.

Make Your Kid’s Annoying Sleep Schedule Work for You

You never thought of yourself as a morning person before you had kids. Now that you’re a dad, you still don’t think of yourself as a morning person. Nonetheless, the baby’s up and raring to go at 6 a.m. on the regular, so you don’t have a choice about it. The good news is that being awake in the early morning hours gives you a chance to beat the crowds at the store. Book an early morning Grocery Pickup slot (most locations have slots from as early as 8 a.m.) and get the groceries in before the day starts.

Load Up Your Diaper Bag and Stroller Like It’s a Survival Kit

Whatever stroller or diaper bag you have, load it to the brim with diapers, diaper cream, wipes, baby toys, teethers, blankets, bottles, and extra baby clothes before you leave the house. The first time you bring it out, you’ll feel ridiculous for carrying so much stuff. But by the end of the trip, you’ll have used so many of your supplies that it will never seem ridiculous again. Pro dad tip number one: Keep a stash of zip lock bags for storage and trash disposal. Pro tip two: Buy all of your stroller supplies through the Walmart Grocery app. When you’re running low on food or baby supplies, bring up the order again, add it all to your cart, and re-stock in seconds.

Prepare for the Best-Case Scenario, Too

You’re out with the baby and your careful planning has prepared you for every possibility except the exact one you’re facing: a moment of quiet. The kid’s asleep in the backseat and you’re at the wheel, hungry, and honestly a little bored. You could hit a drive-thru and scroll through Facebook on your phone but it seems like a waste of a beautiful opportunity. These moments are rare but they do happen. It doesn’t take a lot to elevate them from OK to great.


*Offer valid for first order only for Walmart Grocery Pickup, in available markets. Minimum order of $50. Offer not transferable, and void where prohibited by law. Does not apply to alcohol purchases. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes. Offer expires 01/31/19.