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The Honey App Is the Laziest, Best Way to Save Money Online

The coupon-combing app shaves prices off online purchases to ensure you're not leaving money on the table.

I love a good deal. Be it a Seamless discount on a new restaurant in my neighborhood or a big after-season clothing sale, you bet your sweet chinos I’m clicking into it. I’m also always sniffing around for lesser publicized savings when I need to purchase, well, anything online. Chances are, there’s a code lurking somewhere online over at RetailMeNot or another coupon aggregator. But who has time to spend Googling for phrases to fill in that blank box taunting you at the checkout window. But then, a few years ago I stumbled upon an app that saved me both time and a good deal of money: the Honey app. It’s the laziest way to save money online.

The Honey app is a free browser plug-in and mobile app that, once installed, automatically looks at the items in your cart and then combs the web for coupons. When it finds the code that will save you the most, it uploads it to the site you’re on to ensure the best deal possible at checkout. If there are coupons to combine, it combines. The app even informs you of how much it saved you so you can bask in the discount. If there’s no coupon available, Honey sends you a friendly message that it tried it’s best. And, really, I believe it does.

Honey is available for most popular browsers (yes, there’s hope for you rubes still using Firefox) and mobile phones. It works with thousands of retailers and, in 2017, saved its users more than $170 million. In addition to combing for codes, Honey also has a nice feature that lets you make a list of products you intend to buy and alerts you when a coupon is available or the price drops. It also has an easy to use Amazon feature that compares sellers and informs you which one has the lowest price.

I use Honey all the time. Just this week is shaved 25 percent off a pizza I ordered and saved me an additional 15 percent on an already discounted winter coat I bought. Hopefully the coat is fits around my pizza-inflated waist. But, alas, Honey can’t help with that.

Now, with any app or browser plug-in comes issues of Internet privacy. But Honey is free of malware and assures users it doesn’t sell data to third party vendors (The company makes its money by charging partner merchants a small fee to use the service). Yes, it scans your purchases so it knows what you’re buying and looks at that data, but if you’re already buying something online the Internet is already aware. Why not save some cash while you’re at it?

The Honey app is free to download here