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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 20: The Patriarchy Kinda Sucks for Patriarchs

American parents want to have it all. They don't. Time for a revolution!

Every six months or so a major magazine like The Atlantic or The Croquet Gazette (real thing BTW) publishes an article about how women can’t have it all. Make no mistake, these are mostly good articles that point out the outrageous and contradictory expectation weaponized against women on a daily basis. Still, these articles warrant a follow-up: Can men have it all? On episode 20 of The Fatherly Podcast, host Joshua David Stein and co-host Krishna Andavolu talk about their own efforts to establish life-work balance and conclude that it absolutely is possible to have it all if you’re a very rich nihilist. If not, well, you’re shit out of luck.

Eager to understand their own experiences within the context of the broader effort to balance work with life with distorted self-image, Joshua and Krishna talk to Amy Westervelt, author of Forget ‘Having It All’: How America Messed Up Motherhood–and How to Fix It and certified smart person. She explains why the patriarchy doesn’t seem to be working for anyone and why burning it down might be in everyone’s best interest — especially parents.