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The Fatherly Podcast: Antonio Cromartie Is Definitely, Maybe, Possibly Done Having Kids

The former NFL cornerback talks about fathering 14 kids and taking a knee.

The Fatherly Podcast is back with a brand new season. To kick things off — so to speak — host Joshua David Stein sat down with legendary NFL cornerback and equally legendary haver of children Antonio Cromartie. Antonio’s arguably best known for having the longest play in NFL history, but what might be more impressive is the 14 children he’s fathered, four of which were born after he had a vasectomy.

Antonio recently retired to be a stay-at-home dad and reality TV star (as one does) on USA’s The Cromarties, which is actually extremely good and totally worth watching weekly.  Joshua asked Antonio about how he rebuilt his relationship with his own dad, how money changes a family, and why he cherishes getting pedicures with his daughters.

Check out the first episode of The Fatherly Podcast’s new season and stay tuned for Episode 2, featuring surfing legend and father of three, Laird Hamilton.