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The Argument All Couples Have About Toilet Paper Actually Has An Answer

Just in time for America’s biggest annual gambling event, one of the most heated over/under debates of all time finally has its definitive answer. When it comes to hanging toilet paper: bet the over.

Turns out couples everywhere could have saved themselves more than 130 years of arguments by simply looking at Seth Wheeler’s original, 1891 patent for a perforated toilet paper roll. The patent was unearthed and tweeted on Monday by an editor at The Next Web, and promptly blew up the internet as Team Over rejoiced and Team Under sniffed something about Wheeler clearly not owning cats.

Aside from proper paper orientation, this revelation proves 2 things. First, every contributor to the “Toilet Paper Orientation” Wikipedia page has been wasting their time. Second, people would rather endure 130 years of headaches than just read the instructions.