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Talking Dad Swag With Mark Wahlberg

Dude Turned Dad, Episode 15

Mark Wahlberg and Fatherly producer Evan Kaufman talk dad swag on this week’s episode of “Dude Turned Dad.” Evan also discusses how his media habits have changed since having a child. He’s never watched more TV and never thought about what he’s watching as much as he does now. Certain television and movies impact him more, thanks to having a kid.

The video begins with Mark Wahlberg fist bumping Evan. Evan then describes his idea for a new saying. Instead of “Netflix and Chill,” it should be called “Netflix and Child.” Netflix and Child is when you’re too tired to do anything except watch something at 7 p.m. with the volume at around 10, because your baby is asleep in the next room.

Evan then explains how he’s been more emotional about media with kids in it lately. Caitlin and Evan had recently watched the movie Room, and it really affected both of them. And now Evan has to do the press junket for a movie called Instant Family starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Tig Notaro, and more. Evan watched the movie and even though it’s a family comedy, he found it deeply affecting. Has he gotten soft? No…he just had a kid.

Evan goes to the press junket on a terrible day and asks Mark Wahlberg, Rose Bryne, Tig Notaro, writer and director Sean Anders, and actress Julie Haggerty some questions about parenting, fatherhood, and their new movie.

Evan did get a fist bump from Mark Wahlberg, so are they best buds now? No…but Evan does feel some Wahlberg magic flowing through his hand now…