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How I Turn Anything My Kid Is Interested In Up To 11

Unsplash / Tedd Kelley

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Q: How can parents help make their children successful in school?

Context. Go nuts on context.

We like to turn any interest into a full blown lab assignment.

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My kids have a wide array of interests, but I’ll show you what we did with astronomy. After having purchased a mobile of the solar system, we became a space family. Everything from puzzles to singing a song listing the planets.

So I decided that I wasn’t going to limit our kids to the cutesy stuff.

I downloaded the app GoSkyWatch. It’s great, you should pick it up. You can use your smartphone to see what’s out there in space. It even works indoors. So after a failed attempt with a $30 telescope to see the planets — “The Magic Telescope” was there to save the day.

We read about it in a book.

We watch something about it on YouTube, like Cosmos.

We will read about someone mentioned or interviewed in the episode, like Stephen Hawking.

We will use the app GoSkyWatch to discover specific parts of the solar system. (In our house it’s called “The Magic Telescope” because it works indoors).

For some reason parents are baffled by the question “But why?” with their kids. To the point that some parent crafted the beautiful response: “Because I told you so.” What I love to do is offer the why to anything my kids are learning in different ways.

This builds depth behind anything they are interested in, and with a wide variety of mediums available — it’s an easy way to score an A+ as a parent in the process.

Chris Lynam is a father of 3, and the creator of #DADventure. He writes about parenting, relationships, and fitness. You can read more from Quora here: