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Someone Just Created A Guide To Help You Navigate Your State’s Dysfunctional Preschool System

If you have a kid approaching or in preschool then you already know what will surely serve as a rude awakening to your friends and fellow readers who don’t: the preschool situation in this country is a total mess. A lack of universal pre-K access or any semblance of national standards means the care your kid gets varies wildly from state to state and even school to school. So that’s the bad news. Sorry. The good news is the geniuses at Noodle have broken down the whole broken system into a state-by-state guide that quickly lays out for parents how their local system works (or doesn’t) and how to navigate it to ensure your kid gets the best stuff available.

Shanna Trim

How Preschool And Child Care Work takes a deep dive into the preschool licensing standards, regulations, oversights, staffing requirements, and availability for every state plus D.C. For each state you’ll get a breakdown of the above by center-based, home-based, and unlicensed providers. Once you determine your state’s situation, you can decide whether to move somewhere with vigilant oversight and ready access to caregiver and program histories (hello, New York!) or to a state where just a dash of corporal punishment is a-ok (keeping it old school, Louisiana!).

The benefits of these guides are obvious and innumerable, and even more so when you consider that it’s the first time all of this information has been gathered, organized and made easily accessible to you, Joe Public. So, finding the right preschool just got a little bit easier; getting your kid into a good elementary school, however, still calls for desperate measures.