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Sick Day

Dude Turned Dad, Episode 13

It’s fall and Rory is in day care, which means…yes, he is very, very sick. On this episode of “Dude Turned Dad,” Evan spends the day at home with his son having a sick day. Boogers, spit up, and nebulizing commence, as Evan breaks down the best way to care for a sick newborn.

Rory has a slight strain of bronchitis, which means that he has a bad cough and hasn’t been sleeping very well. Evan will have to nebulize him a few times during the day. The “nebulizer” is a medical device that creates a vapor babies can use to receive steroids, which helps them feel better. They also hate using it, and it seems to cause Rory to sort of “hulk out.”

Evan also explains how having a sick kid and then going to work is like being the guy in the zombie movie who gets bit and pretends he’s fine. Everyone knows he’s got germs and is carrying sickness with him, since his kid is sick…but he’s just pretending that everything is totally cool.

Evan takes you through a full sick day, in which he does the following: Nose-Frida his son, which means sucking the boogers out of his head. He nebulizes Rory while the boy drinks his bottle. He puts him down for a nap. Evan also cranks the heat up in the bathroom and has a “spa day” with Rory, complete with Japanese under-eye masks and sauna-like vibes.

Finally, bedtime rolls around and both Rory and Dad turn in for the night. Evan reflects on how a sick day is hard, but it does mean a full day spent with your kid, so Evan still felt great.