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“See Your Folks”: The Most Frightening Website You’ll Visit This Week

Billing itself with the tagline “We’re so busy growing up we sometimes forget that they are also growing old,” See Your Folks takes the number of times you see your parents per year, their ages and their nation of residence, then uses World Health Organisation Life Expectancy Data (it’s British) to spit out the estimated number of meetings you have left. Depressing conclusion: If your parents live in the United States, controlling for everything else, plan on seeing them far fewer times than if they were Swedish or Canadian. Thanks socialized medicine.

Maybe you’re able to calmly accept this reality, but See Your Folks can also be read as See Their Grandfolks. For example, if your dad is 65 and your mom is 63, and they both live in the U.S. and you see them 6 times per year, then your child can expect to see his or her grandparents just 90 more times. Science says that extra time might matter. A recent Boston College study suggests that the tighter the bond between grandchildren and their grandparents, the better the mental health for all of them.