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How Ryan Reynolds Pranked His Wife in the Delivery Room

Blake Lively shared the story of her husband's questionable delivery room song-choice.

Blake Lively’s appearance on Glamour Games with Michael Kors gives guys another reason to want to grab a beer with her husband Ryan Reynolds. During a game of “Fact or Fiction” with the fashion designer, Lively shared that Reynolds played Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” in the delivery room, probably because “Whoomp! (There It Is)” was a little too on the nose.

“My doctor was laughing so hard that I thought she was going to drop our baby,” Lively told Kors, who guessed the truth correctly in the clip below without hesitation. Reynolds has shared this same anecdote on Late Night with Seth Meyers as well. Like most couples, their recollections were slightly different. She seemed totally cool with it, Reynolds remembers her reacting as if there were steak knives coming out of her eyes.

During the faceoff Lively also admitted having a childhood crush on David Letterman, so she has a type. However, she takes it a step further, notes that she liked him because he reminds her of her dad. Clearly, Reynolds has the comedic chops to address that.