Use This Crazy Graphic To See Who Marries Who, Based On Their Occupations



What do you get when you mix the financial geniuses over at Bloomberg with some serious census data? An infographic that looks like the lovechild of FiveThirtyEight and The interactive graphic collects nearly 500 different occupations and then visualizes the most likely occupation of their spouse. Go ahead and clear a half-hour off your schedule before diving in, but if you’re a computer programmer, a computer network architect, a computer support specialist — pretty much computer anything — here’s the spoiler: You’ve probably married a teacher. In fact, there’s a lot of competition for teachers; CEOs prefer teachers, financial advisors prefer teachers — even teachers prefer teachers. Basically, everyone prefers teachers, except massage therapists (they like “miscellaneous managers” — sketchy) and dentists (who like other dentists — kinky).

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Who Marries Who Based On OccupationBloomberg Business


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