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The 101 Best Baby Girl Names (And the 13 to Avoid)

Because you're going to regret Daenerys — trust us.

There are few projects more joyful or fun than getting to choose a baby girl’s name. But selecting the perfect baby girl’s name can soon feel like a high-stakes parenting decision: There are so many thousands of beautiful girls’ names out there, but only one unique baby girl soon to be your daughter. How can you know which name is going to best suit her personality and best serve her interests as she grows? Something very flowery and girly might be cute when she’s little, but not so much down the road. Pluck a baby name straight from pop culture or one that’s trending upward in popularity, and eventually, it will feel staler than three-week old sourdough. Then, there’s the question of what, if anything, you want to carry forward from your own family — will you choose a family name that says something about your roots, or will you break tradition and choose something more unusual?

While we can’t help you make those decisions, we can provide some great inspirational baby girls’ names. We’ve compiled a list of baby girl names that are unusual enough that your child won’t share them with every other classmate, but also not, like, Mufaletta, Paprika, or Chalice. We’ve also included 13 baby girls’ names you should consider avoiding because, hey, it’s important. Happy picking.

The 101 Baby Girl Names to Consider…

  1. Poppy
  2. Olivia
  3. Frankie
  4. Olive
  5. Ava
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Jade
  8. June
  9. Brie
  10. Ivy
  11. Daisy
  12. Alice
  13. Evelyn
  14. Ruby
  15. Aria
  16. Matilda
  17. Esmé
  18. Leah
  19. Brooke
  20. Josie
  21. Helena
  22. Margaret
  23. Alyssa
  24. Hadley
  25. Lexie
  26. Celeste
  27. Maya
  28. Maeve 
  29. Chloe 
  30. Willa
  31. Ariel
  32. Viola
  33. Luna
  34. Meara
  35. Violet
  36. Hazel
  37. Aida
  38. Sienna
  39. Tyra
  40. Blake
  41. Stella
  42. Savannah
  43. April
  44. Lilly
  45. Lillee
  46. Chrysanthemum 
  47. Clementine
  48. Christina
  49. Tory
  50. Victoria
  51. Kaelie
  52. Katherine
  53. Molly
  54. Isabel
  55. Harper
  56. Harlow
  57. Parker
  58. Willow
  59. Charlotte
  60. Scarlette
  61. Isla
  62. Ellie
  63. Marlow
  64. Holly
  65. Amber
  66. Gracie
  67. Heidi
  68. Jasmine
  69. Ada
  70. Hallie
  71. Aurora
  72. Myla
  73. Iris
  74. Zoe
  75. Amethyst
  76. Arabella
  77. Kristin
  78. Adeline
  79. Anabella
  80. Piper
  81. Sam
  82. Taylor
  83. Tayla
  84. Alessandra
  85. Rosie
  86. Elliana
  87. Sky
  88. Annabeth
  89. Malia
  90. Lillia
  91. Etta
  92. Hattie
  93. Pearl
  94. Ivory
  95. Georgia
  96. Nola 
  97. Penny
  98. Ella
  99. Maggie
  100. Karina
  101. Addison
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13 Baby Girl Names to Avoid…

1. Alexa Avoid setting your child up for a lifetime of the popular Amazon device responding to their name. 

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2. Blue Just because Beyoncé kind of pulled it off doesn’t mean just anyone can.

3. Meghan A pretty name for sure, but soon to be everywhere, thanks to the formerly newest duchess. 

4. Londyn If you love a place so much you’re going to name your kid after it, at least spell it right.

5. Merika While it could have been a fathomable name in another time and place, the introduction of this slang word into the American vocabulary makes this name intolerable.

6. North It was bad enough when Kim and Kanye did it.

7. Olga Doesn’t exactly bring to mind a sweet little baby, now, does it. 

8. Anous No further comment. 

9. Facebook Yep. Someone did it. Don’t follow in their footsteps. 

10. Hashtag #No #JustNo

11. Abcd We can only imagine what these parents were thinking.

12. Bertha Come on. Don’t be cruel.

13. Ursula It just sounds … villainous.