This Is How To Make The Kid’s Mom Laugh Her Way Through A Night Shift At Work


A Minneapolis dad figured out the Holy Grail of modern parenting: Keeping his infant from crying, keeping his wife laughing at work, and blowing up a video of his baby on Youtube. Using the Dubsmash app he recorded random videos of himself lip-syncing with his son after he came home from work and sent them to his wife while she was at her evening or weekend shifts as a makeup artist. She suggested he compile his crushing Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You,” with Carvey’s “Choppin’ Broccoli” and Steve Irwin … Steve Irwin’ing, and honestly any one of these would be cheesy on its own, but a whole year’s worth and you kinda see the genius in it. Kid is like: Are you my real dad? Wife is like: You are definitely gonna get laid (if you buy one of these). And Youtube is like: You got a million views.

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[H/T] Today, Mashable

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