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Prince William Hand Delivered A Letter From George to Santa

The young prince only has one thing he wants on this year's Christmas wishlist.


Prince George is one lucky kid. Other than, you know, being British royalty, the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton  had his letter to Santa Claus personally delivered to the man himself. During a trip to Helsinki, Prince William hand-delivered his son’s adorable Christmas wish list to a festive market’s local Santa Claus. And it turns out that Prince George only wants one thing this holiday season: a police car.

In his personal, handwritten letter to Kris Kringle, George helpfully circled that he’s been “nice” this year, just to assuage any worries. And while the letter template the little prince used to draft his wish list has a total of five spots for writing in the presents he desired, he took up just one spot to make it clear that he really, really, really wants a police car. It’s not exactly a traditional gift, but it shows remarkable restraint that the 4-year-old only asked for one thing.

Luckily, when you’re the Duke of Cambridge, you have some connections, so Prince William made sure his eldest kid’s letter got into this Finnish Santa’s hands safe and sound. Here’s hoping that George gets his Christmas wish fulfilled, however unconventional it might be.