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Pay For Private School Or Move To A Better Public School District?

If you’re not comfortable sending your kid to the public school you’re currently zoned for, you might be considering a move – before you do, make sure to factor in the real estate premiums you can expect to pay if you buy in a great school district. According to a recent Trulia report, the average cost per square foot for a home in the country’s best public school districts can be more than twice the national average of $119. According to a Money magazine analysis of the Zillow report, the average cost of a K-12 private education is $7,038 a year. Looking at it that way, the most frugal choice you could make might be to stay right where you are – unless you plan on having multiple rug rats. After all, that monthly premium on a place in the great school district doesn’t go up just because you send 2 kids to the public school; but 2-for-1 private school tuition deals haven’t been invented yet.