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‘Superior Donuts’ Maz Jobrani Hates Unboxing Videos

The actor and stand-up comedian is the latest guest on 'The Fatherly Podcast.'

The latest guest to swing by The Fatherly Podcast is actor and comedian Maz Jobrani. Jobrani currently stars on CBS’ Superior Donuts where he plays Middle Eastern real estate developer Fawz Hamadani Farooq Al-Shahrani. On the episode, Jobrani, a father of two, talks with host Joshua David Stein about his career, his immigrant experience (he’s Iranian-American), and why he can’t understand why his kids are so obsessed with unboxing videos.

Jobrani, who is energetic and instantly likable, moved from Tehran to California when he was six years old, a subject that often pops up in his comedy, including his most recent standup special, Maz Jobrani: Immigrant. Before breaking into larger roles, Maz explains to Joshua, he started out his career type-casted in villainous and ambiguously-Middle Eastern roles. One such role included a terrorist in a terrible Chuck Norris film where Maz butted heads with its wardrobe department over why he wouldn’t wear a turban. He then discusses how he’s fighting to bring more depth to roles that producers tend to stereotype.

Later on in the episode, Maz reflects on his relationship with his own dad, a wealthy businessman with mysterious friends in high places. “He reminded me of Vito Corleone,” he says. Maz and Joshua then later talk about the difficulty of having your kids in the audience during a stand-up set and the right way to do ethnic humor.

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