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20. LinkedIn: The Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016


That site where you’ll look for your next employer should maybe be your next employer if you’re thinking about having a kid. LinkedIn’s leave policy shows that it’s learned a thing or 2 about recruiting talent from all those innovative companies busy using LinkedIn to recruit their talent.

  • Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
  • Number of employees: 6,800
  • Paid Parental Leave: 6 weeks
  • Industry: Tech
  • 2015 Rank: 6

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • Parents receive a $2,000 annual child care subsidy, and the company recently moved from a PTO policy to a DTO — Discretionary Time Off — policy. Employees work with their managers to schedule vacation days, with no set maximum on the year.
  • Employees also get an annual $5,000 stipend for job-related education expenses and one Friday every month employees are encouraged to work on special projects that are of interest to them. It was unclear at press time if “My 9 iron” qualifies as a special project.

Correction: This page has been updated to reflect the correct number of paid weeks LinkedIn provides new fathers.

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