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Photographer Dad Transforms 3-Year-Old Daughter Into Belle From ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Josh Rossi

Most dads make their kids feel special on Valentine’s Day with a construction paper card, a few ‘be mine’ candies, and a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes. Josh Rossi is not most dads. The photographer and digital artist wooed his 3-year-old daughter Nellee by transforming her into Belle from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. Rossi, who previously helped his daughter live out her Wonder Woman dreams, spent a week driving around France snapping photos of castles and provincial scenes. He then dressed Nellee in full Belle attire (he even had a costume designer create a tiny yellow dress), had her act out some iconic scenes, and, using some photoshop wizardry, transported her into the storybook world of ancient castles and talking clocks.