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15. Intel: Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016


In the same way that Intel quietly powers most of the consumer electronics produced by bold-faced names like Apple and Samsung, the company quietly pushed the pace on paid leave for new dads by offering 8 weeks of “bonding time” last year.

  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
  • Number of employees: 106,700
  • Paid Paternity Leave: 8 weeks
  • Industry: Tech
  • 2015 Rank: New entry

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • One of the best adoption benefits in the 50 Best, Intel covers $15,000 per adoption, which is a 3-fold increase over last year.
  • If you’re into long-term planning, the company provides 4 weeks of paid sabbatical for every 4 years of employment, which can be combined with the existing 8 weeks of parental leave.

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