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How To Say “No” When Work Encroaches Too Much On Family Time

Whether it’s additional projects or “strongly encouraged” socializing with the team, your bandwidth is way more limited than it used to be. Since simply refusing your boss or turning down your coworkers isn’t such a great look, learn how to pick your spots and deflect request with tact. Dr. Susan Newman wrote the book on how to say “no” (literally — she wrote a book called The Book Of NO: 250 Ways To Say It — And Mean It And Stop People-Pleasing Forever), and she has 10 practical examples that are specific to the workplace. They include making sure you don’t consistently cover for the same people and always providing alternatives when you turn someone down. Commit them all to memory and you’ll basically be like Obi Wan Kenobi convincing Storm Troopers that those aren’t the droids they’re looking for. More importantly, you’ll always be home for dinner.