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How To Lose A Family In A Thousand Days

A lot of perfectly decent husbands relish business trips as a means to take a quick vacation from the family, but Ken Sullivan, a Salt Lake City father of 4, might be stretching the classic excuse too far with a boondoggle to … Mars. It’s not set yet — he’s one of 1,058 (selected from over 200,000) who’ve moved on to the next round of consideration in the Mars One project, which aims to tap 24 humans for permanent Red Planet colonization. But though he’s still a relative long-shot, marital feelings are a bit raw.

As Ken told the Salt Lake City Tribune, “Hopefully there isn’t too much hatred of my being selfish in pursuing a dream that isn’t theirs.” Some might interpret that as calling it quits under the cover of science. “Some” might include his wife, who responded: “The question is, do we get divorced now or get divorced later?”