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Win Every Argument Over Laundry You Could Ever Have With Your Spouse

Now that you’re a parent and you’re doing roughly 38 times more laundry than you did when you were a non-parent, you may have discovered new fault lines between you and your significant other. Maybe you’re a “get it all done in one load” guy and they’re a meticulous sorter by color and fabric; maybe they’re all about cold water energy saving and you’re pretty sure hot water makes clothes cleaner. Before you wade into the next Battle In The Basement, check out this ridiculously comprehensive laundry guide by the fine folks at Digg.

Pulling tips and explanations from obvious sources (Consumer Reports, The Sweethome) and less obvious ones (CNET, The Smithsonian), the guide gives you the right answer to any dispute that could possibly arise over laundry. Need to know what the hell those symbols on the tag mean? Here’s a handy chart. Disagree over which detergent works best? That’s been decided. Conflicting theories on stain management? Ask Martha F—ing Stewart and drop the mic.

Laundry ChartTextileaffairs

Armed with all this knowledge, you are going to be the family’s undisputed laundry champion. Congratulations — now shove that load into the dryer and get on with your life. Actually, don’t shove it so much. Better Homes And Gardens specifically recommends against that.

[H/T] Digg