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How Frequent Work Travel Will Challenge Your Family

The older your kid gets, the more significant the strain when you’re on the road for work. This isn’t just because they’re more aware of your absence; it’s also due to the increased load your partner is carrying, which can result in resentment. That can make them less empathetic about the physical and emotional toll that travel takes on you, all of which is a negative feedback loop that can be hard to escape. Beyond the obvious (your phone is now a video calling machine, so use it), remember that your partner hasn’t just been in charge of all the chauffeuring and feeding and bathing — they’ve also been the sole disciplinarian. Meanwhile, your kid might actually like you better because you keep showing up at random intervals with gifts. A lot of this can’t be avoided, but the first step is to be aware it’s happening. The second is to be aware when it’s becoming a problem and do something about it.