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How A Modern Levi Strauss Gets Around Being Home For Dinner Every Night

Routine Behavior is a series where we talk to guys who successfully juggle businesses, careers, and parenting about the routines that keep them on track.

This week, Scott Morrison, the guy behind Paper Denim & Cloth and the founder of 3×1 Denim, is a father on a quest to put your dadbod in the same jeans that he’s putting on high rollers like NBA stars and Michelin-starred chefs. Actually, they’re not exactly the same, because their 3×1’s are bespoke and can cost upward of $1,200. (You can have the ready-made 3×1’s that are a fifth the price, and half the baller status.)

He also dresses one very special customer every daily: His 14-month old son Max. Despite that fact that the fashion world keeps him flat-out, he still makes the time to pencil in a lunch meeting with his favorite client.

What time do you start answering emails in the morning?
I get up at 5 AM. In bed, I check the phone and breeze through emails to see if anything needs my attention. I try to get to it before Max gets up at 5:30 AM and I start my day with him.

How do you reconnect with your kid when you get home from work each day?
I try to get home around 6:30 PM. I’ll catch Max when he’s out of the bath and winding down. I’ll read a book while he’s drinking his milk before bed. Now he’ll sleep consistently from 7 until 5:30, but he hasn’t made it easy on us. He’s not like our friends’ babies who sleep through anything

Scott Morrison

What’s the one piece of kid-related gear that you can’t live without?
Organic food packets always come through in the clutch. Also, he’s obsessed with drinking water. It’s probably his favorite thing on Earth. My wife always has a Pura bottle on hand for him. I’ve had to curb his intake or else he’ll go through diaper after diaper.

How many times a week do you get home for dinner and do you ever cook?
We cook a lot. I make Max breakfast every morning. We love avocado and egg, followed up by some strawberries and blackberries. And a lot of water.

How much exercise do you get in a given week and what kind?
I’m horrific. I live in the Lower East Side and work in SoHo, so I walk to work as habit. We have a Rhodesian ridgeback, so we cruise around with him for about 45 minutes a day, but I’m rarely in the gym. It’s the one thing I wish I had more time for.

It’s such a weird world, I can’t even imagine what it was like for my parents with anything but a phone. I’ll get 60 emails before I get into work.

What’s the longest you’ve ever played with your kid without looking at your phone?
That’s a tough one. If he’s playing on the couch and in the living room area, I’ll sneak a peek. It’s such a weird world, I can’t even imagine what it was like for my parents with anything but a phone. I’ll get 60 emails before I get into work.

How often do you travel for work and do you look forward to it or dread it?
It’s nice to have a little bit of separation, but I purposely make my work trips much shorter. I found that prior to Max being in the world, being gone for 3 to 4 days wasn’t the end of the world. Now if I can cut a trip short by 24 hours, I will.

What’s your go-to when you need to completely turn your brain off?
Movies. It always has been. My wife happens to be in the Screen Actors Guild, so I watched all the SAG screeners: Straight Outta Compton, The Danish Girl. I’ve seen everything. The Big Short was great. You should watch The Big Short and 99 Homes together.

Scott Morrison

What’s your go-to when you need work-related inspiration?
I’m obsessed with Flipboard, it allows me to monitor everything from magazine to blogs. I’m screenshotting everything that’s remotely interesting. When I get to the office I’ll compile that and put it into buckets, and those get visited throughout the week.

How’s your attendance record at your kid’s important moments?
The beauty of flexibility is creating a schedule you want within reason. I’m there to put him to bed and get a book in, but my wife is amazing. She’ll bring Max to work, and he’ll spend some time around the office. We’ll have a father/son lunch. It breaks up the week a little bit and it feels special and fun.

What’s your kid’s favorite book right now?
Classics, like Shel Silverstein. Rosie Revere, Engineer. He really likes is 3 Ninja Pigs. There’s also a book called Zoom. Every page you turn it zooms out, where at the end of the book it’s looking at the whole world.


What’s your kid’s favorite toy at the moment?
We’ve just been playing football the last couple of days. Somebody gave me a Washington Huskies football — my alma matter. But he’s less into his toys and more into everyone else’s stuff. You can distract him with anything.

What about a new parenting app that’s recently proved useful?
Some of the apps we pull out for him are things like Magic Fingers!, Learn Your World flashcards, or Tiny Hands Sorting 2. We try to bring him to brunch dates, and occasionally an early dinner to get him used to it, but for the most part we don’t rely on the iPad.

What’s your kid’s style at the moment?

A bit like his Dad’s: T-shirts, 3×1 jeans, and Nikes. Our pattern maker saves the scraps to make him a new pair of jeans every couple months. And a good friend at Nike hooked him up with his first pair of Air Jordans. That being said, he sleeps in Carter’s PJs every night. Big fan.

What’s your go-to pair of baby jeans?
3×1, of course, but they’re a little hard to get. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Baby Gap.