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Here’s How Amazon Home Services Stack Up Against TaskRabbit, Handy And More

Last month, Amazon announced that it wasn’t content to simply sell you everything you could possibly need; it wants to connect you with professionals who can do the labor those purchases create. With Amazon Home Services, now you can buy the weed whacker and get a guy to whack the weeds along with it.

The internet is lousy with these sorts of services. Handy and Homejoy are 2 examples of companies that dispatch home cleaning and maintenance professionals at the drop of an email; Thumbtack is an quote-providing service that circulates inquires to local vendors, and then there’s everyone’s favorite hire-a-stoner firm — TaskRabbit — ready to undercut just about anyone. Google is rumored to be joining the fray any day now.

If you have a slate of weekend-destroying chores on tap, which of these services is going to free you up while (hopefully) ensuring your home is still standing afterward? This chart breaks down the average cost of some common projects, priced within Los Angeles County. In instances where multiple vendors were available, the price reflects the cheapest available with the highest customer rating. Expect the numbers to vary from market to market.

Whichever service you go with, rest easy knowing it’s just a temporary fix. Eventually, you’re going to have teenagers to handle all this stuff for you.