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5 Organizations That Are Providing Relief to Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to batter Texas. Here are some ways you can provide assistance.

Over the weekend, the city of Houston, Corpus Christi, and the surrounding area of South Texas were devastated by Hurricane Harvey, a Category-4 storm that has killed at least five people and has forced more than 30,000 to seek shelter due to extensive flooding. While the worst of the hurricane is believed to be over, as some areas could see as much as 50 additional inches of rainfall over the next two or three days. Recovering from this will not be easy for the thousands of who have been affected, but every bit of help can make a huge difference in helping a community move past such a disastrous experience. Here are five ways you can start helping those families today.

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross already has volunteers in Texas, providing supplies and humanitarian aid to those who need it most. Even just a $10 can help the ARC bring relief and assistance.

Global Giving

The non-profit crowdfunding platform has created The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund specifically with the goal of donating whatever funds raised to provide long-term aid to the victims of the storm. So far, The Relief Fund has received $150,000 in donations, which means it still has a long way to go to reach its goal of $2 million.


St. Bernard’s Project

This organization, created in New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina, will be sending Americorps volunteers to assist the community during the time of recovery. Eventually, it will help rebuild homes that have been destroyed or damaged by Harvey.

Texas Diaper Bank

Donating diapers may seem trivial at a time like this, but diapers often aren’t provided by disaster relief agencies. This is a great way to make sure those families have the supplies they need, as the Texas Diaper Bank uses donations to make emergency diaper kits.

Food Banks

The Houston Press has listed several food banks located in affected areas, including Houston Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, and Corpus Christi Food Bank. If you decide to give to a local food bank, it is recommended that you call that specific one first to hear directly about what they need.