Guess How Big The Average American House Has Gotten Since 1973


If you have one of those families crammed into a New York City or San Francisco shoebox, prepare to groan: According to the Census Bureau’s “Characteristics Of New Housing” annual report, the average home size is now 2,687 square feet.

That’s a 1,000 square foot increase since 1973, when the average home size was 1,660 square feet according to the 700-page report. At the same time, the average family size has declined to an all time low at 2.54 persons per household, versus 3.01 persons per household in 1973. This means the average square footage per person has increased from 507 to 971 square feet (about a 92 percent spike) and your toddler has no reason to be taking up that much bed real estate. Unless you’re one of those aforementioned shoebox-dwellers.

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Homes Are Getting Bigger And Families Are Getting Smaller

So, if you think you need more room but are too overwhelmed by parenthood to even fathom moving, look on the bright side: maybe you don’t have to. Before you start shopping around for the next big thing, try getting your kid some corduroy pants and velour shirts and seeing if they can live with some 1970s square footage. You might both be surprised (and the kid will look awesome).

[H/T] American Enterprise Institute

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