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A Year’s Worth Of Expert Relationship Advice In Under 2 Minutes

Time to get that resolution of being a better father, husband, and all-around human being out of the way. This year, if you’ve had any of the following symptoms: Postpartum sexlessness, responsibility blindness, iPhone obsession, career pause, critical mother-in-law, or general inability to show gratitude, you may benefit from the collective wisdom of Fatherly’s favorite relationship experts.

Stop Pphubbing From Ruining Your Sex Life

Less Phone = More Bone
One of this year’s biggest relationship killers was the practice of “pphubbing,” or the practice of indulging more screen time than sexy time with your spouse: “If you’re on your phone, you’re not really having a face-to-face, eye-to-eye conversation,” says marriage therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D. “You’re having more of a side-by-side conversation.”
5 Ways To Stop Pphubbing From Ruining Your Sex Life

Fatherhood Does A Body Good
You can do side bends or situps, but please don’t lose that gut — according to science: “A new study says, “dadbod” — the term coined about men who used to have a six pack but now have one every night— is officially the look most women prefer. If you have the arms of a Greek god and a stomach that loves Greek fries, there’s a good chance you’ve had more sex than your local Fabio.”
And Survey Says … Dadbods Have The Most Sex

The Penis Mightier
The good news is that science has determined that you don’t need to be the cock of the walk to keep your wife happy. Has science been getting your sexts? “A slightly smaller yet still above average penis — length 6.3 inches and circumference 4.8 inches — is ideal in a long-term sexual partner.”
Researchers Determine Size Does Matter To Women (But Not Necessarily In The Way You Think)

What To Do When Your Spouse Constantly Criticizes Your Parenting

Solve Those Trust Issues
When your partner doesn’t trust you around the kids (because of that one thing you did, one time!), they may want to helicopter parent the parent: “Remind yourself, ‘My partner doesn’t think I’m an idiot,” says couples therapist Laura Silverstein. “It’s their child as well as mine, and they just want what’s best.”
What To Do When Your Spouse Constantly Criticizes Your Parenting

Work Hard, Empathize Hard
If your spouse is always fighting with you because you work too much at work, too little at everything else? Try approaching your wife like she’s your most important client. As Esther Perel says, “Ask yourself, ‘When was the last time I made my partner feel like she matters?'”
Smart Advice For When Your Partner Thinks You’re Working Too Much

Get Away While You’re Away
LEGOland may not have that much in common with Hedonism II (one has completely different kinds of toys), but having some alone time during your trip by hiring a babysitter will, at least, make your trip feel like a vacation: “I’ve put a crib in the closet so many times,” says Henley Vazquez from the travel site Passported. “I thought the babysitter might judge me, but they just said ‘Honey, everybody puts their baby in the closet.'”
Here’s How To Pull Off A Date Night While On Family Vacation

Bring Sexy Back
Esther Perel knows that your child is totally killing your vibe. How are you expected to get it on with the baby monitor on? Well, you just have to think outside the box: “If people had a less narrow definition of what sex is, there would be an ability to feel much more sexually connected after having kids.”
How To Get Your Sex Life Back On Track After Having A Kid

How To Balance 2 Careers  In One Family Without Arguing

Find Work/Work Balance
The answer to how 2 career-driven parents balance their family’s needs isn’t as simple as “outsource it,” or “run it up to Mike in accounting” (although Mike is really gunning for that raise.) No, it means focusing on the duties that make up the 5 Ps: Parental, professional, personal, partnership, and practical.
How To Balance 2 Careers In One Family Without Arguing

Keep Mother-in-Law and Order
If you think that your Mother-in-Law is actually an undercover agent sent by a secret organization hell-bent on ruining your children and your marriage, Dr. Suzanne Berger says, “Remember that Grandma’s entitled to her own opinions about how to raise children, and if she raised the love of your life, she’s probably not incompetent at it either.”
Maximizing Grandma: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mother-In-Law

Old Dad, Take A Look At My Life
“If you can’t learn to give more than your take, you’ll never make it.” – Karl, married 54 years
Relationship Advice From People Who Have Been Married Way Longer Than You