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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 24: Mike Colter Isn’t Luke Cage, but He’s a Hero

Mike Colter is best known as the impossibly handsome and powerful Luke Cage. But as a new father he feels all kinds of vulnerable.

You know Mike Colter as Luke Cage, the last indestructible bastion of goodness in the Marvel Extended Universe. But Colter isn’t just a hulking hero — though he is that — he’s a new dad trying to work out the kinks. Curious to here from a guy with absolutely nothing to prove or be insecure about, Fatherly Podcast host Joshua David Stein and his new co-host Jason Gay (yup, the famous Wall Street Journal columnist) called Colter to talk about superheroic parenting. Playing against type, Colter opened up about his worries and what his conviction that you can’t prepare to be a dad.

Listening to a guy like Colter talk about his experience having a baby girl and a show canceled at more or less the same time provides a reminder that even if you’re ripped out of your mind and have a really deep and intimidating voice, the world will find a way to get at you. The key? Standing your ground.