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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 28: How Do We Prepare Kids for Global Warming?

Preparing a kid to live in the world isn't just about the kid -- it's about the world. And as the world gets warmer, it's also getting more dangerous.

Preparing a kid to live in the world isn’t just about the kid — it’s about the world. As the global threat of climate change looms, parents worry (for good reason) about the state of the environment and the potential threat changing temperatures, water levels, and weather might pose to the future wellbeing of their children. The Fatherly Podcast host Joshua David Stein and co-host Jason Gay both worry about this in the abstract. But the abstract can only get you so far. So the duo reached out to legendary University of Hawaii climate scientist Dr. Camilo Mora, the author of a new, mind-blowing paper about future disasters.

Our two dads were looking for Mora, who is also a dad, to provide some reassurance. That did not happen.

Mora outlined a future in which the only constant is likely to be destructive change, further convincing Joshua and Jason that they need to teach their kids to always be prepared and to prepare themselves for the inevitable side effects of climate change. Eager to make some plans, Joshua and Jason then spoke with Patrick Coleman, Fatherly’s parenting expert, on how to talk to kids about the environment. The takeaway: Try to do it in a way that won’t terrify them. (Good luck with that!)

Enjoy our most terrifying and depressing podcast to date. Also, batten down the hatches.