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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 8: John Legend on Music, Raising His Daughter, and Making Pancakes

The famous producer, musician, and activist on what it takes to help children succeed.


In the latest episode of The Fatherly Podcast, our host Joshua David Stein sits down with John Legend, the Grammy- and Academy Award-winning singer, musician, producer, and activist. Legend opens up about his own childhood, the dangers of misunderstanding history, and the joy of making his daughter giggle. Also: making pancakes. It’s a fun listen.

In addition to his many accolades, John Legend is one of our Father of the Year honorees, for his commitment to improving children’s education. In 2014, Legend co-founded LRNG Innovators, an organization that awards grants to innovative teachers across America. In this latest episode, he also reveals how taking care of his daughter and realizing how hard it is even with considerable resources has made him even more passionate about his work. He hopes this will spark an education revolution.

Elsewhere in the episode, Joshua breaks down “daddy issues” with Fatherly’s Science Editor, Josh Krisch. Yes, “daddy issues” are real, particularly for girls, and, yes, they have a scientific basis. The two look at some recent studies that shed light on the connection between absent fathers and risky sexual behavior.

So, please give it a listen. And be sure to follow The Fatherly Podcast on iHeartRadio, or subscribe wherever you download your podcasts, and tune back in each week for more revealing insight into the world of fatherhood.