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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 22: The Playground of the Future Is a Factory

Joshua David Stein and Krishna Andavolu sit down with the man making slides fun (and kinda scary) again.

When you live in a country of litigious buzzkills, fun is immensely complicated and oddly bureaucratic. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Having had their collective minds blown by the new, instantly iconic Sweetwater Playground in Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Factory Park, Joshua David Stein and co-host Krishna Andavolu called up project designer Mark Reigelman II to ask how he managed to create something deeply entertaining and borderline frightening in the age of disclaimers. The answer? Raw determination and charm. Reigelman, it turns out, is a new dad who wants to make America fun again. He explains to the hosts how he tried to push back against overly concerned parents and take cues from German designers, who don’t sweat a few broken bones.

After nerding out about playgrounds, Krishna, Joshua, and Mark play with the best toys of 2018, as selected by Fatherly’s expert editors. Things sort of unravel from there. Come for the recommendations. Stay for the sounds of Nerf warfare.