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This Is What The Syrian Refugee Crisis Looks Like For Families Living Through It

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For the United Nations, Syria is the biggest humanitarian crisis today. As it enters its fifth year, the humanitarian impact in and around Syria remains overwhelming. It has placed 12.2 million people in need of aid, internally displaced 7.6 million people and caused 3.9 million Syrians to flee to neighboring countries.

Among the affected population in Syria and refugees in the region, 4 million women and girls of child-bearing age need special attention. This includes nearly half a million pregnant women in Syria alone, in addition to the estimated 70,000 currently pregnant refugee women and girls from Syria. Those numbers are hard to grasp. The realities of what women and girls fleeing the crisis are experiencing are best shown through their own stories.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

An overview of the Domiz refugee camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 1.50.16 PM

These Syrian girls are not enrolled in a school. They spend their days playing and supporting their mother in household work.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

A Syrian girl participating in a computer class at a UNFPA-supported community center in Salinurfa, Turkey.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

A group of Syrian girls at a women and girls women center in the Domiz camp. They have been attending different courses supported by UNFPA.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

Syrian women participating in a hair-dressing and make-up course in the Domiz camp.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

Syrian refugees participating in a class on domestic violence and law in the Kawergosk camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

A Syrian woman sitting in her home in Salinurfa, Turkey. She was approached by social worker and is now participating in a Turkish language course through a UNFPA-supported community center.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

A Syrian family lives in unfinished garage in Tripoli, Lebanon.

UNFPA 2015 | David Brunetti

Syrian women standing in a line to receive needed medication and contraceptive pills from the reproductive health clinic in the UNFPA-supported women safe space in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.


A triple birth in the one of the UNFPA supported health facilities in the southern part of Syria, resourced through a cross-border operation from Jordan.

David Brunetti

David Brunetti

Baby Rima was the 5,000th baby born in the Za’taari refugee camp in Jordan, and named after Dr. Rima Diab. Dr Diab delivered the child at the UNFPA supported comprehensive girls and women clinic in the camp. In the 3 years the clinic has been operating with UNFPA support, not a single mother has died there.

Mr. Daniel Baker is Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), based in Amman, Jordan with particular responsibilities for response to the Syria crisis. He was assigned as Head of the UNFPA Jordan Country Office in April 2015.

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