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Frank Grillo Fights Captain America for His Kids

Frank Grillo talks about teaching kids to channel their anger, and a song teaches us to leave our sick kids home.


In the second episode of The Fatherly Podcast, host Joshua David Stein sits down with action star Frank Grillo, who you’ve probably seen on screen beating up Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, beating up everyone imaginable in The Purge series, or driving for his life in Netflix’s Wheelman. The actor and martial artist dives into what it was like growing up in the Bronx with Italian parents, how he’s learned to channel his reserves of anger into something productive, and the secret to raising kids who aren’t bullies. Plus, he talks about having the coolest dad friend imaginable: Liam Neeson.

Joshua also talks to Fatherly Science Editor Josh Krisch about what actually happens when parents yell at their kids and why screaming makes children think you want to kill them even when you really don’t (or are just trying to keep them from killing themselves). There’s also a musical ode to Flu Season to help remind parents to keep their sick kids off the playground.

So please, check out the second episode of The Fatherly Podcast and be sure to tune in for more deep dives with awesome dads.