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Tom Colicchio Doesn’t Think He’s Good Enough

The head judge from 'Top Chef' talks about wrestling with the past, plus a conversation with a seven-year-old bowhunting beauty queen.


Episode Three of The Fatherly Podcast has arrived, featuring famed celebrity chef and less famed good dad Tom Colicchio. Most people know Colicchio as the head judge from Top Chef or for co-founding the award-winning Gramercy Tavern in New York City, but many don’t know that he’s dedicated much of his life to fighting hunger in America. Colicchio talks about juggling his activism, his restaurants, and his three kids with Fatherly Podcast host Joshua David Stein. It gets super intense as Coliccho digs deep on his ambition to transform toxic restaurant culture, how hunger damages families, and how to raise kids kinda-sorta Jewish.

Plus, Joshua learns some uncomfortable truths about role modeling from Fatherly’s Science Editor, who reveals what beating up inflatable dolls can tell us about gender roles. And seven-year-old beauty queen Sadie calls in to talk about her love of country music…

Buckle up for an episode that covers everything from broccoli pasta to bowhunting, and tune in every Tuesday for a brand new Fatherly Podcast.