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The Fatherly Podcast Episode 5: Michael Strahan, Sterling K. Brown, and Stephen Chbosky

In Episode 5 of 'The Fatherly Podcast,' the three guests talk about dad-hood and answer The Fatherly Questionnaire.

fatherly logo Fatherly Questionnaire

It’s time for another installment of The Fatherly Podcast. This week, host Joshua David Stein talks to a trio of famous fathers about the unique ways they approach dad-hood.

First, Joshua sits down with NFL legend Michael Strahan, who explains why he never gave his kids nicknames and the formal way he approaches his own father. Next, he speaks with This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown discusses his definition of fatherhood and why he’ll always kiss his kids on the lips. Finally, Joshua speaks with Wonder writer/director Stephen Chbosky about writing the film as a love letter to his wife. Each of the three guests answers talk honestly and deeply about their roles as fathers; answers offer revealing moments that catch both the guests and our host off guard.

Later, Joshua has a Nora Ephron-esque question for Fatherly’s science editor Josh Krisch: Is it possible, scientifically speaking, for single women and married men to be “just friends”? Well, no. But that’s not to say they shouldn’t try. Finally, Joshua looks at a new product that lets you turn your old smartphone into a fun camera for kids.

Please give it a listen. And tune in every Tuesday for new episodes of The Fatherly Podcast.