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40. Discovery: The Best Places To Work For New Dads In 2016


A cable TV and digital media company comprised of The Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and 51 other brands. If you’re a fan of Mythbusters, Shark Week, or The Puppy Bowl, you’re a Discovery Communications fan.

  • Headquarters: Silver Spring, MD
  • Number of employees: 5,486
  • Paid Paternity Leave: 4 weeks
  • Industry: Media
  • 2015 Rank: 17

Notable Father-Friendly Policies And Practices

  • Discovery doesn’t just offer on-site child care; there’s an on-site medical center so you can see doctors without taking personal days to do it.
  • The company also offers a personal concierge service to handle menial tasks like grocery shopping, vacation research, car and home maintenance, and pet maintenance … er, pet care.

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