Sean “Diddy” Combs Teaches Jay Z How To Raise Twins


Twins are a daunting proposition, even for a veteran dad with money to burn. Sean Combs, who was going by daddy before he even was one, knows this all too well. Apparently, he’s been offering advice on weathering that particular storm to Jay-Z, who just had twins with Beyonce. Combs was quick to admit that advice normally goes the other way, but when it comes to Twins P. Diddy is the OG.

“I was so happy to be able to give him counsel on this,” combs told Seth Meyers, himself a new father, adding that “You have to be prepared to give double the love.”

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Combs also talked about the influence religion has had on his career and outlook, asking God to bless Jay Z, Beyonce, and all the people with kids because, as he said, “that’s what really runs our lives.” Combs was enthusiastic about his family and the effect they’ve had on him, but when asked if double the love meant double the work, Combs dodged the question and instead praised the mother of his twins.


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