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Cool Dad Job: The Next Lord of Late Night

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Hosting a fake democratic debate: “You all are full-on freaks!”

When the former Saturday Night Live head writer moved over to late night, Barack Obama was in office and naysayers wondered whether America really needed another acerbic talking head fawning over celebrities. Well… yes. With the country under new “leadership,” Meyers has set the bar high for himself and cleared it, becoming a moral reference point and a source of cultural kindness. There’s a reason that Meyers’s show consistently wins its time slot (and the coveted 18–49 demographic): Meyers is smart, real, never obsequious, and remarkably generous about yielding his time and creating opportunities for the talented members of his staff. In his daytime hours, he chronicles the adventures of his sons, Ashe and Axel, famously born in the lobby of his parents’ building.