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Cool Dad Job: Actor

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Surviving the critical carnage of GOT’s last season.

On more than one occasion, Dinklage has said that he doesn’t think the world “needs another angry dwarf.” So, he isn’t that. What is he? A generational talent respected for his stage work (his Cyrano adaptation with The National is wild) as well as his peak TV icon status. Also, a dude who makes interesting and considered choices. He’s a vegetarian and a punk singer. He chooses roles that can be a shade or two darker than you might expect. Witness O’Lucky Day, in which he plays a con man who makes people think he’s a leprechaun. In real life, the most impressive trick he’s pulled off is keeping the names and identities of both his kids a complete secret. In fact, no one in the press even knows the sex of his second kid. Peter Dinklage knows things about his family. That’s enough.