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Cool Dad Job: Former Nightlife Reporter 

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Winning a second Emmy for Barry, killing an evil clown.

Hader is having a moment. His second Emmy for Barry was well deserved, he stole a scene from a rampaging lumberjack in It 2, and he still gives off friend-of-a-friend vibes. Hader’s post-SNL ascent can be credited to his ability to deliver humor without undermining the emotionality of his characters. In Barry, that means breaking good without losing his menace. In Noelle, Disney’s big 2019 Christmas movie, that will mean embracing the holiday spirit without being saccharine. It’s an odd pairing of roles — one that Hader might be uniquely capable of pulling off. Off-screen, Hader is a father of three children — 4-year-old Hayley, 7-year-old Harper, and 9-year-old Hannah — whom he publicly credits for his success. Why? He says the best advice he ever got was to make a TV show so he could go home at night and be with his family.