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Cool Dad Job: Actor

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: He’s on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

On Black-ish, which is going into its seventh season, having inspired a broader “ish” universe (Mixed-ish, Grown-ish), Anderson plays a privileged but woke paterfamilias straddling two cultures. In real life, Anderson grew up in Compton, graduated from Howard University (where his son now goes), and studied acting with luminaries including Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee before gaining renown thanks to day-player roles on cop shows and a star turn on The Shield. Today, he might be the closest thing America has to stable sitcom dad, but his priority is his real role raising his kids. And he seems to have nailed that one, as well. “They came out all right,” Anderson brags of Nathan, 19, and Kyra, 23. “They’re cool to hang with.”