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Cool Dad Job: Actor, Honorary American

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Pulling off the schtick. 

Ryan Reynolds, 42, is a cultural institution, a social media mainstay, a Hollywood heavy hitter, a Canadian nutjob, a hospital visitor, a wife troller, and generally a guy who seems like he’s having a very good time. Why not? After Reynolds stopped pretending to be a movie star in schlocky rom-coms and embraced his chaotic good, Deadpool made him famous and he made himself culturally indispensable. Hell, he played Pikachu and it worked. And it’s not just Reynolds’s humor that makes him so compelling; it’s the direction he punches. Even when he’s in his ball-hugging supersuit, the dude does not punch down. He may be an overdog, but he acts like he’s the under. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s clearly a fantastic father to his children with Blake Lively. “I try to hold on to each moment with them,” he says. “It’s drawn me to the present moment as opposed to the future and past. You see how fast it goes. I want to be around them as much as possible.”